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WEEK 6-Honor Your Parents

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Key Verse: “Honor your father and mother.”

Power Point: I will honor God by Obeying my parents.

Lesson Objective: As a result of this lesson, kids will show respect to God by obeying their parents.

Bible Basis: Exodus 20:12; Luke 2:41-52

Materials Needed: Ten Commandments poster, Bibles

Take-Home pages: “My Family” This assignment is for kids to share their family coat of arms. The typical coat of arms has the family name on it and some symbols that show what is important to the family. Many times this coat of arms was in the shape of warrior’s shield.  Students are to make/draw a Family Coat of Arms Picture. Families are to work together on this project. 🙂 Be creative!

Bible Story (Ephesians 6:1-2; Colossians 3:20; Luke 2:41-52)

In today’s Bible story we will see how Jesus obeyed the Fifth Commandment when He was a boy.

As Jesus was growing up He lived with His parents, Mary and Joseph, in the town of Nazareth. Every year they would go to the city of Jerusalem to celebrate a special feast. This feast was called Passover. The Jewish people had celebrated this feast for hundreds of years.

A lot of people traveled to Jerusalem for the Passover. Since Jerusalem was far from Nazareth  the trip took several days. Mary and Joseph travel with friends and relatives when they went to Jerusalem.

When Jesus was twelve years old, He and His family attended the Passover feast as usual. At age twelve, Jesus was considered almost an adult, so he didn’t need to spend a lot of His time with His parents during the festival.

After the celebration was over, everyone started home to Nazareth. But Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem. His parents didn’t miss Jesus at first because they though He was with friends among the other travelers. But when Jesus didn’t show up that evening, they started to look for Him amount their relatives and friends. When Mary and Joseph couldn’t find Jesus, they went back to Jerusalem to search for Him there.

Three days later Mary and Joseph finally found Jesus. He was in the temple amount the priests and religious teachers. Jesus was listening to their words and discussing deep questions with them. Everyone who heard Jesus was amazed at His understanding and His answers.

Mary and Joseph were very surprised  They didn’t know what to think.  “Son!” Mary said to Him. “Why have you done this to us?” Your father and I have been so worried. We have been searching for you everywhere!”  “But why did you need to search?” Jesus asked?” “You should have known that I would be in my Father’s house.  Mary and Joseph did not understand what Jesus meant.

Then Jesus returned to Nazareth with His parents. He was a good and obedient Son to them. Jesus grew both in height and in wisdom. He was loved by God and all who knew Him.

Let’s Talk About It:

  1. why was Jesus surprised when His parents found Him?
  2. what did Jesus mean by “My Father’s House.”
  3. why might it have been difficult for Jesus to obey His parents in that situation?
  4. why do you think Jesus obeyed His parents?
  5. When is it difficult to obey your parents?

We show respect to God when we honor and respect our parents-and that’s something we must do all our lives!


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