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“Laying the Foundation” and Building upon it ……

Kinder Youth Incorporating Jesus' Excellent Love



Ministers Ronald & Latasha Fields, founders/visionaries Loving wife, mother, entrepreneurial. Been home schooling my kids for over 8 years! Co-op/open Ky'Ijel in 2007 to assist others families who have a heart to teach their children in the way of the Lord. Christian Education is the foundation of all education.

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Christian education is not an alternative. It is not luxury. It is not even just a good idea. It is the law of God. It is the law that He gave to our forefathers, and it is the same law that He now gives to us. It is the GREAT COMMANDMENT.

Whether you choose to send your child to a Christian private school or a home-school.   We are here to help you train your children and help you obey the GREAT COMMANDMENT, as we all journey through this great “TRANSFORMATION.”  With the assistance of a proven Christian curriculum with over 40 years experience… A.C.E  takes children on a great journey of Individualization and spiritual principles that laid a foundation for a life time.  We don’t just teach lessons or subjects, we instill values, character, discipline and a foundation like no other.  We educate children by given them the BEST there is, the Word of God, which inevitably gives every child incredible Life Lessons!

“Laying the Foundation”


Building upon it …


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