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Week 9-No Stealing

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Key Verse: “Do not steal.” (Exodus 20:15)
Lesson Objective: As a result of this lesson, kids will recognize that stealing is taking anything that belongs to others-their money, their possessions, or their work and ideas.

Power Point: I will not take what doesn’t belong to me.

Bible Basis: Exodus 20:15; Luke 19:1-9
Materials Needed: Ten Commandments, Bible; assignment from last week.

Age-appropriate situations concerning stealing:
1. I was in the convenience store, and when no one was looking, I took candy bar.
2. I didn’t know the answer to a test question. I happened to see what Lucy wrote down and copied it.
3. I remembered a really funny story Jason told. I used it in my book report and got an A.
4. I saw a really cool gel pen on the classroom floor and put it in my desk-finders, keepers.
5. Mindy was Sarah’s best friend, but I told her some gossip about Sarah and now Mindy is my best friend.
6. I needed money to buy ice cream from the ice cream man. I took a dollar out of Mom’s purse.
7. I heard a really cool song that I like on the Internet so I downloaded it onto my computer.

Today we will see how stealing anyting is disobeying this commandment. We will also see how it can cause very serious problems.

Bible Story (Romans 13:9-10; Hebrews 13:5; Luke 19:1-9). In today’s Bible story we will learn how a cheater changed his ways. Read the story from the Bible.

Let’s Talk About it.
1. Describe Zacchaeus.
2. Why didn’t the people like Zacchaeus?
3. How did Zacchaeus and other tax collectors become rich?
4. How did Zacchaeus disobey the Eighth Commandment?
5. How did Zacchaeus change after he met Jesus?


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