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Week 13- Love Me, Obey Me

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ten commandments 2

We have been studying the Ten Commandments for twelve weeks. Youth have come into the knowledge that God’s rules were created for our good and designed to keep us safe.  He did it because He loves us so much  and when we obey the Ten Commandments in Spirit and in Truth we show our love for God. Today we are going to add one more commandment and recap the others along with some activities that will help youth remember the commandments and what they mean in our lives.

Youth have learned that a world without rules would be dangerous, unfriendly, unhealthy, and just plain scary. Rules are important in our lives, they help to make the world safer and healthier, spiritually and naturally.

Key Verse: If you love me, keep my commandments. (John 14:15)

Lesson Objective: As a result of this lesson, kids will remember the Ten commandments and their importance in their lives.

Power Point: . I show my love for God when I obey His commandments.

Bible Basis: Exodus 20:3-17

Materials Needed: Bible & Ten Commandments Posters

God’s Top ten List of Things He Wants You and Me to Do.

10. Be content with what you have.

9. Tell the truth.

8. Keep only what belongs to you.

7. Keep our promises to the person we marry.

6. Respect life and act with love towards others.

5. Honor and respect our parents.

4. Keep one day aside to rest and devote to God.

3. Use God’s name in a holy and respectful way.

2. Put God first before anything else.

1. Love God!

Join us on  tonight 4/25/2013 Live on @ 6:30pm cst we look forward to seeing you!

Click here to view our Live Bible Lesson on this was broadcasted 4/25/2013 @6:30 pm.

Prayer…Dear God, than you for giving us the Ten Commandments. They show that you love us and want the very best for us so we will be safe and loving to you and to others. Help us to obey the commandments because we love you. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Certificates will be sent out to each student that participated in the Ten Commandment Youth Adventure Program! I truly thank God for each parent and student that endeavor to study the Lord’s Rules for living. We have had such a wonderful time learning, growing and living out the Lord’s Word… Please continue to fellowship with us and as we move forward with more awesome  C.A.L.L (Christ Abiding Life Lessons)!  Thanks!


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