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Christian Children Influencing America Institute

Youth Discipleship Training 
God’s Mandate for Christian Education

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“Teach all nations, Teach them to observe all things that I have commanded.”-Jesus.  

Matt 28:18-20

CCIA is exclusively and divinely set apart for the ministry of youth discipleship training and the youths from all walks of life. This includes not just children, but family too.

CCIA is an extension of Ky’Ijel Group Christian Academy and Our Report Ministries, functioning with and in conjunction with each other in the unity of the faith. CCIA strongly believes, teaches and preaches that all scriptures are the divine and express Word of God (2Tim 3:16).


Train youth how to be disciples for Christ today

Shape and develop character

Teach youth to seek God for their purpose in life

Exhort and instill the importance and enthusiasm for learning of Christ

Love, support and develop youth through mentoring relationships

Teach youth how to effectively walk in the unity of the faith

Teach youth how to be servants, live a lifestyle of giving and service

Teach youth how to deal with fear, peer pressure, solve problems and resolve conflicts

Missionary work through trips, camps and linking up with other Christian youth groups and more

“Building A Solid Foundation”
Curriculum Base Biblical Education
(Offering certificates for completion of specific areas in biblical study)


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