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CCIA Parent-Ministry Agreement


Parent-Ministry Agreement

IN ORDER TO SOLEMNIFY the desire of the undersigned parties to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ with their obedience to Him and to promote a clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities of each party, the undersigned parties adopt the following agreement by Faith:

I, ______________________, for and in consideration of my child, _________________, being admitted as a disciple at CCIA, which is an outreach youth ministry of Our Report Ministries & Publications, an Apostolic-Evangelistic Ministry , pastored by Evangelists Ronald & Latasha Fields, do hereby accept such admission and the duties and responsibilities entailed therein and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement:

1. I subscribe without reservation to the Articles of Faith and the Mission Statement of CCIA and agree that my family will abide by these doctrines in all aspects of our lives, both at and away from youth ministries and functions. I am a member of___________________, faithfully abiding in the things of God. I agree to walk in obedience to the Word of God fully, without compromise, according to the Ten Commandments of God. My family will abide in word and in deed. I agree to fulfill all duties and responsibilities given unto me by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

2. I agree that the Word of God (Holy Bible) and the youth ministry are inseparable and that the Church will counsel my family if either of us is out of fellowship with Jesus Christ, as determined in the sole discretion of the ministry leadership of CCIA.

4. I understand that and agree that the Biblical education of my child will be guided by the Ministry. I agree that my purpose in obtaining a Biblical education for my child will be achieved by the following the curriculum set by the Church. To that end, I agree that I will require my child to perform all duties and responsibilities entrusted to him by the Ministry Leaders to the best of his/her ability given by the Holy Spirit by Faith. I will support the decisions of the Ministry and will never attempt to undermine their authority. I understand and agree that during my child’s enrollment in the course offered and the Ministry Leaders teaching them may change from time to time in the discretion of the Church leadership.

5. I understand and agree that my child has no right to publish and distribute a student newsletter or any other publication. I understand and agree that CCIA, has the right, in its sole discretion, to control what is published, circulated, or otherwise distributed at the Church/Ministry, and I will ensure that my child understands this provision.

6. As CCIA is a Apostolic-Evangelistic Outreach Ministry, both parties agree that they would never be hostile or make demands or threaten the Ministry, clearly violates Biblical teaching and practice and shall constitute sufficient grounds for immediate withdrawal of all my children from enrollment at CCIA.

7. I certify that I will explain this agreement and its meaning to my child. I will assist ministry in every way necessary to enforce my child abides by all the terms of this agreement.

8. I understand that this Agreement shall not take effect until fully executed by all parties.

Consent for Reproduction of Photographs and Voice: In the course of the mission, newsletters, public service announcements newspaper and magazine articles, web site features and videos may be used. Participants gives to CCIA and Our Report Ministries & Publications and affiliates, unlimited permission to use, publish and republish for purposes of advertising and trade for such use as it may determine, information and reproduction of Participants’s likeness (photographic and otherwise) and voice related to participation in Christian Children Influencing America.


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