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Youth Embracing Change (Programs)


“Building A Solid Foundation”

Programs of Study 

  1. Individualized Approach;
  2. Interdependent Christ Skills and;
  3. Independent Life Skills

Education Initiative: Individualized Approach

In our efforts to teach our youth the Word of God, we have partner with A.C. E Curriculum & Student Life Bible Study and many other Biblical tools. We are excited about the strategic approach these curriculum has to offer.

Here’s what they know & WE agree!
– Students are developing their belief system.
– Students need help seeing how Scripture relates to their lives.
– Students need to internalize the truth.
– Responsibility for spiritual development for students falls to the family first.

To meet these needs, these curriculum take students on a transformation walk through God’s Word. The Bible Lessons laid a solid foundation that is designed to give students a solid ground for their faith as they comprehend the fullness of God’s work in their life and the world. These foundational teachings continues to build on the principles, nature and character of God’s Word  through faith in Jesus Christ throughout and prepares students to live a daily, effortless and manifested Christian life. “Always showing forth the Character of Christ”.   Also teachings reinforce the family devotional time, which is the heart of God and therefore, extremely important and essential aspect for the growth of the family unit.

  • Biblical Education (Discipleship)
  • Academic Achievement (k-12)
  • Career Development (Vocational and College)
  • Entrepreneurial Skills (Junior Achievement ) Prov 8:12

Interdependent Christ Skills:

This life skill is designed to teach youth how to totally rely or place complete trust in the finish work of Christ concerning ones life. In this initiative youth will be taught that one is unable to exist or survive (being whole and entire, wanting nothing) without having faith in Jesus Christ. In this training, youth will grab whole onto the perseverance it takes by faith to share and/or agreed with God about one’s life while applying His principles. Therefore, youth will ultimately understand that if one takes Christ out of the equation of life, ones life will become void and vulnerable to the three destructive forces of life, such as, the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life.

Independent Life Skills:

This skill is all about personal growth, (working out your own soul salvation) yet a perquisite to the first skill above. Youth will discover that to be independent by the world’s definition will not bring full gratification needed for life and prominent growth. Youth will embrace a newness of independence, that teaches them to be planted and not persuaded. Youth will be trained on how not to be influenced or controlled by the world standards of living.  Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men according to the basic principles of the world and not according to Christ (Colossians 2:8).  These principles will challenge youth to think or act on one’s faith in Christ alone.

Through mentoring relationships youth will be coach how to face challenges in their life and the lives of others. Challenges such as peer pressures, bullying, sexual immorality, abstinence, anger, health, friendships and much more.

Youth Groups:
Youth ranging from ages 5-7 (age appropriate Bible-base curriculum using A.C.E and Student Life)
Youth ranging from ages 8-12 (age appropriate Bible-base curriculum using A.C.E and Student Life)
Youth ranging from ages 13-17 (age appropriate Bible-base curriculum using A.C.E and Student Life)
Youth ranging from ages 18-21 (age appropriate Bible-base curriculum using A.C.E and Student Life)

(Offering certificates for completion of specific areas of Biblical Study)


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