Ky'Ijel Group Christian Academy





By Karl Priest

Those who claim that their child’s school is “good” or even “OK” are either uniformed or self-deluded. YouTube has removed many school violence, but here is an example. But, it is much more than violence that infects public schools.

“A Fordham Institute study of how young American students testing in the 90th percentile or above fared over time found that roughly 30 to 50 percent of these advanced learners lost ground as they moved from elementary to middle school, or from middle to high school.” (

No matter how many political gains or wins are made by the Tea Party and Christian conservatives it will all be for naught if we leave our children in “public” (actually “government”) schools.

If your child was in immediate danger of (take your pick: being molested (1), eating poison, falling off a cliff, being hit by a car) would you want me to warn you immediately and bluntly? Would you get offended if I did it loudly? Why would you object to my passionate warning that your child is in spiritual danger?

Government schools are brainwash centers and their effectiveness is apparent to all who are not willingly blind.

Would a liberal send their children to an all expenses paid school taught by Bible believers using a fundamentalist Christian curriculum? Why do Christians send their children to a “free” school that teaches the opposite of what they believe (2)? Christians would never send their children to a Jehovah Witness VBS or enroll them in a Muslim school, but many Christian parents have no problem with the humanist heresies dished out daily in government schools.

Liberals and atheists will not send their children to the Sunday School program of a Bible believing church because they know that only one hour a week of Bible stories taught by someone who believes the Bible is literally true would have an impact upon the child from a non-believing family.

Sending your child to a government school is absolutely asinine!

For 13-14 years (depending on pre-K enrollment) your child will be taught:

• That man came from apes and that life has no real meaning.
• That the mention of God is illegal.
• That there are many types of families and that they were all healthy.
• That your child is to accept all types of behaviors as normal.
• That your child is not to judge other’s because there is no such thing as right and wrong.
• That every type of behavior was normal but some needed “protection.”

Your child will spend 7 hours a day hanging out with other children:

• You knew very little about any of the other children.
• You didn’t know what kind of home life they came from.
• You didn’t know if any of them were on any types of “medication.”
• You knew nothing about the “behavior issues” some were dealing with.
• You knew nothing about what they did in their spare time.
• You knew nothing about their moral compass.

You know very little about:

• The teachers’ personal beliefs.
• The teachers’ personal lifestyle.
• The personal stress the teacher is under.
• What was actually being taught.


• You forfeit your parental rights.
• Educational “experts” are permitted to do psychological studies on your child.
• Educational “experts” are permitted to recommend “medication” to control behavior.
• Your daughter could be taken for an abortion without your consent.



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