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1st District Parental Rights Coordinator of Illinois


ADULTSTUDIES_BBC2015_mg_0954Latasha H. Fields Serving as Illinois’

1st District Congressional Coordinator for

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My Responsibilities:

   Promotional Effort:

  • Promote the Amendment to community, political and social leaders and citizens in general
  • Maintain a list of, and contact with, key volunteers and supporters of the Amendment
  • Help coordinate the distribution of literature, signs, etc.
  • Organize meetings of large numbers of constituents to present the cause
  • Work with and build the network of local chapters in your area
  • Maintain communication with the state coordinator or staff

10380916_789810057729591_79447404939632110_n (2)

  Passage & Ratification Effort:

Encourage the district’s U.S. Representative and Senators to support the Amendment

  • Build a network of support for the state ratification campaign
  • Set up three separate face-to-face meetings between three separate constituents and each Congressman or Senator
  • Recruit people who have personal relationships with these representatives to help promote the cause

Also….C.H.E.S.S. is an ally organization of WHY?

  •  To secure parental rights as an explicit, fundamental right worded in the U.S. Constitution.
  •  To limit the powers of the federal government and the threat of international tribunals undermining the role of parents.

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GET INVOLVED! 150 pix I support PRO


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