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Mission Statement

Our Mission

Is dedicated in aiding children to succeed to the next academic level with the guided strength of biblical principles, while operating in a spirit of excellence, affordable education and know-how.  We want to captivate their minds and nourish them to be strong productive leaders of Today & Tomorrow.

Our desire is to see our children saved, set free, and delivered.  We want them to come into a personal relationship with Christ through prayer and the study of His Word.  With diligent and faithfulness, strong discipline they can become mature disciples for the building of God’s Kingdom.

We seek to encourage youth to adhere and be strengthening to the teachings and spiritual endowment of the Word of God.

We seek to shape and develop character, gifts and talents in our young people.

We seek to exhort and instill the importance and enthusiasm for learning, and to seek out God’s purpose for their lives.

Enhance learning skills, comprehension, critical and analytically thinking skills, and raise standards for learning.

Train youth on how to make an impact in this world by following Christ, being a doer of His Word in order to leave a legacy behind that would testify of Jesus Christ.

Students will recognize God’s government by studying the scriptures to show thyself approved of God.  Students will live according to Galatians 5:22 and walk in Love with one another, endeavor with great perseverance to live a life of Holiness and Truthfulness.


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