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NHS Cooperative Education Tier (full-time student)  

Membership Fee: $15 annually April 1st or whenever your join. (REQUIRED)

Registration Fee: $15 Student application

Diagnostic Administrative Fee: $25 due annually per child.

Instruction Fee: $250-10 payments, payable on the 1st of each month (Sept -May). The Instructional Fee is used to fund instructional & operational costs of the program. There may be discounts for families with more than one child from the same family.  Please contact us if you’re having Financial hardship. Non-refundable fees.

Curriculum Fee: $65 quarterly (taxes, shipping fees not included)

Academic Quarters: (4) per year.

Estimated Classroom Fees: This cost includes supplies utilized in the classroom for art, science, history and copying cost if applicable.

Cafeteria Plan: Student will bring their own lunch to school, unless other wise stated.

Miscellaneous Fees: Throughout the school year there will be miscellaneous fees for co-op, field trips, electives, special events and other activities. We will inform parents in a timely fashion when these fees will be required.

Days: TUESDAY-FRIDAY (Mondays are set aside for family time and ministry endeavors)

Time: 9:30am-2:30pm (If you need before and after care please contact school administrator)

Description: For Working Parents/Families ONLY

We believe that the ultimate responsibility for the education of children belongs to parents (Deuteronomy 4:9, 6:1-25, and 4:1-4). Thus, we believe this is an inalienable right given by God, which the State cannot create, destroy, or alter. Parents may allow another to teach some of the cognitive information that children need to know, but all education must be under the ultimate control and supervision of the parents.

We believe education in the home to be the best form of education, but we recognize that many parents cannot educate at home for valid reasons and support the right of parents to send their children to private Christian schools. We further recognize that because of economic or other reasons, a member parent or guardian may have no other alternative but to place a child in a public or private school. Although this is acceptable in society, we do not, however, support or condone public schools because of their ostensible, humanistic basis for teaching all subjects.

Therefore, we offer a cooperative school setting, where parents have an awesome opportunity to gain hands-on insight and observe other parent educators teach and handle various situations, which increases their understanding and enjoyment of their own children through active participation in their education. Designated parent educators have the opportunity to share their experiences and area(s) of expertise, while working together in a cooperative setting. More importantly, parents also learn useful ideas for helping their children at home and aboard.

Requirements: Parents must commit to volunteer and/or be involved at least 3 hours a week and attend our Monthly Support Group Meetings (CHESS).

NOTE: If you are unable to commit to the above requirements, this type of school setting may not be beneficial to the home and would counteract the overall philosophy of the school.

Our curriculum, A.C.E. is skillful in its unique, artistic and practical ability that creates individualized levels of learning as well as biblical principles into everyday academics. Students work at his/her own pace. Each child will learn to follow their curiosity, allowing them to think creatively and to work both independently and cooperatively with others.

A.C. E.’s overall concepts are based on the Five Basics Laws of Learning:

  1. A child must be at a level where he can perform.
  2. He must have reasonable goals.
  3. His learning must be controlled, and he must be motivated.
  4. His learning must be measurable.
  5. His learning must be rewarded.

While conventional classrooms group students by age or grade, we group by ability. This is done through diagnostic testing. The curriculum is mastery-based learning, infused with character development, embedded biblical foundation, creative phonetic-based reading, computer interactive learning and much more.

Through individualized-based learning, Ky’Ijel Group Christian Academy students tackle academic curriculum in ways that are engaging, meaningful, adaptable and tailor-fitted to a variety of learning styles and fun.

These principles assures parents of:

  • A solid, mastery, back-to-basics education for their child.
  • A course of study diagnostically individualized to meet a students’ specific learning need and capabilities.
  • A program incorporating Scripture, Godly character building and wisdom principles.
  • A Curriculum using advanced computer technology to help ensure the finest education possible in today’s high-tech climate.
  • A curriculum that places the child at his exact academic ability level through diagnostic testing.
  • A curriculum that incorporated personal goal setting and character traits into the daily program.
  • A curriculum that teaches critical thinking skills that produce academic excellence.
  • A curriculum that utilizes multimedia and computer technology.
  • A curriculum and school that encourages  parental involvement!


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